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The "Team Manuals" section below includes the general BVTD Team Manual AND the individual Team Member assignments (job descriptions). When you know your weekend assignment, dowload the BVTD Team Manual AND your individual team instructions and bring BOTH to all Team Meetings.

The "Rollo Outline / Guidelines" section below contains updated outlines and guidelines for the Rollistas to download and use in preparation for their individual talks.

The "International Manual" contains general information for ALL Teams, both Lay & Clergy. It also contains the individual talk outlines (refer to the Manual's Table of Contents to find a specific talk). Please review the general information and specific section(s) that pertain to your weekend assignment.

NOTE: Team dues are $170 (make checks payable to Brazos Valley Tres Dias or BVTD).


To sponsor & register a Candidate, download and fill out the "Candidate Application". 

NOTE: Candidate fees are $165 (make checks payable to Brazos Valley Tres Dias or BVTD).

 Team Meeting & Leader Info for BVTD #19

 Open Letter to the BVTD Community

 Team Forms

 Team Manuals (Job Descriptions)

 Rollo Outline/Guidelines

 International Manual

 Candidate Application

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