What is Tres Dias?

Tres Dias (Spanish for "3 Days") is an interdenominational weekend retreat for adults that concentrates on the person of Jesus Christ and his teachings. While Tres Dias explores classic Christian beliefs, it is best described as a spiritual encounter with Christ. Many who have attended the weekend experience a deeper relationship with Christ as they sense His love and acceptance in a dynamic way.


Who should attend a Tres Dias weekend?

Tres Dias is an encounter designed for those 21 and older who desire to be strengthened in their faith and to experience many facets of God’s amazing grace. Tres Dias is for Christians of all denominations. It is especially gratifying for those who are in roles of leadership within the church, whether lay or clergy. Each attendee must be sponsored by someone who has previously attended a Tres Dias or similar weekend.


What happens on a Tres Dias weekend?

A Tres Dias weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday evening. It is led by a team composed of former attendees of a Tres Dias or similar weekend, like Cursillo or Walk to Emmaus. These volunteers invest their time in months of preparation, working and praying together as a team.

In those three days, you will experience the foundations of the Christian life and the meaning of living the Christian ideal and its application in our daily lives. Tres Dias is centered around a series of lay and clergy talks. Table groups discuss each talk. Discourse that develops from these discussions makes Christ’s teachings come alive. The atmosphere of Tres Dias is one of love, joy, Christian fellowship, singing, laughing, and worship.


What should you bring?

Everyone should bring his or her own bedding, pillows, towels, washcloths, and toiletries. Candidates should bring comfortable casual clothing. Although no dress clothes are necessary, you should bring appropriate clothing for any weather changes on the weekend.


Special concerns:

Any health or dietary concerns or special physical needs MUST be reported to your sponsor PRIOR to the weekend to ensure that the necessary arrangements are made to provide a safe and healthy weekend for you

This special weekend is devoted to deepening your relationship with Christ. It is a cloistered weekend. There no phones, tablets or other devices able to connect to the outside world allowed. This "disconnect with the world time" provides "reconnect with Christ time."